Classic Car Transport

Classic Car Transport / Auto Shipping

Have a classic or antique vehicle that needs extra care? National Express is here to help.  Don’t let your pride and joy be exposed to damaging sun, excess moisture, and dust. Entrust National Express with caring for your classic or antique.  Many of our repeat customers have always been those that use our services to ship these vehicles from auctions, estate sales, auto trader, car lots, and more.

Want us to ship your vehicle for your next auto show or meet? No problem! Whether it be a a rally, club meet or other venue we can do it. Get in on great discounts for bulk moves with you and others coming to and from.

DId you know the average insurance on enclosed transport averages $500,000 per vehicle, and $1,000,000 liability?  Insurance is verified to be in good standing at the time the driver is dispatched. All carriers are also screened by “SAFER” when they are assigned your vehicle to assure there are no violations recorded. This is our commitment to protect your investment.

There are two types of enclosed auto carriers. Hard sided and soft sided carriers. We always recommend hard side.  Hard sided carriers look like your typical 18 wheeler you see on the street.  The cargo is sealed off from the outside world. Soft sided are different as they have heavy duty tarps that can be rolled up or pulled away when bringing vehicles on and off the truck.  Although we do not recommend the use of soft side, it is an alternative that would save about 10%. as they are more abundant among our licensed subcontractors.  Although rain, snow and the heavier elements are deflected, they not sealed off completely and vehicles can arrive with dust or water spots that can get through the tarps

Cost per mile is averaged at 50-75 cents a mile, but we’ve seen over a dollar a mile in rural or remote locations. Pickup times are also affected depending on area. We average 1-3 days for cars that are ready now in populated areas and up to a week or so in remote areas.

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