Fill the out the form to get your free quote. Request your rate with confidence. We have great ratings everywhere showing our commitment to excellence. Your quote is processed live by a real person. So you are not just getting some robo-estimate when getting a free quote, but instead it is your actual rate with all fees to ship. We value our reputation as a great auto transport company with our customers which will mean you get the best service every time when it comes to your transporting your car.

All transports are fully protected with insurance, price guarantee, and handled by licensed professionals with years of experience. Your transport is door to door. We don’t hold you up by stopping at storage yards or depots trying to fill up our trucks. Our volume is high that we don’t need to.  Your auto shipping quote will be fair and affordable.

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Steps to Getting a Quote that Makes Sense


Unless you have a friend that has shipped a vehicle before, typically you will do an Internet search to find out how to get an auto shipping quote. You quickly find out there many shippers to choose from and everyone’s telling you they’re the best. Depending how far you’ve gone into looking for auto transport quotes, you probably have also noticed a lot of people sharing their experiences, especially those that haven’t gone perfectly well. As you’re getting these quotes, you will probably also notice pricing is not the same everywhere. Leaving you with extra doubt. And if you filled in your information on one website and all of a sudden received a ton of phone calls and emails by pushy salespeople you might be very frustrated by now. (If you haven’t had that happen then read this post so you don’t accidentally do this.)


Best Practices


Before you begin make sure that the auto transport quote is coming from an actual auto transport company like ours. There are many websites that are just harvesting information and selling it. The companies that are receiving these types of quotes (known as leads) are buying them and know they are going to multiple salespeople doing the same thing. So this is where you will receive some crazy quotes, some extremely low only to bait you in. Those quotes also come with some big headaches from all the calls, emails, even texts. Stay away from anywhere that says, “Get 10 instant quotes” or says anything about getting rates quotes from multiple companies. Otherwise you and your phone will regret it.


Search for their Reputation

Before looking into looking any company for an auto transport quote, do a search with the company’s name in quotes with the word reviews after it as seen here.

You can also substitute the word “complaints” if you like so you can see what others are dissatisfied with when shipping their vehicle. Nobody’s perfect but if you see consistent negative ratings or complaints you’ll know to stay away.


Get Clear Explanations About Their Auto Transport Service


Make sure that the services explained to you. Make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction. If their answers or dodgy or unclear and may be a sign to stay away. Specifically ask about payment. You will definitely not want to go with anyone that charges you anything at time of booking your transport. At this point nobody should be getting any money if they haven’t done any work. Unless it’s being paid directly at delivery, no payment should be made by wire transfer or direct deposit.


Be Sure Insurance is Included in the Quote


Ask about insurance. Make sure the auto transport quote you have received includes insurance as part of the rate. Once the carrier is assigned, you can always ask for a copy of the carrier’s insurance, it is not private information. You want to see limits like $1,000,000 liability and $100,000 motor cargo coverage. These are the industry standards and should be adhered to.


Steer Clear of Lead Companies


You may not know they exist, but they do. They look like an auto transport company, but they are not at all. They actually are only there to sell off the information you provide. Stay away from anything that says “multiple quotes”. You may innocently enter your information thinking that it’s an instant result on your screen like your favorite air travel site, but it’s actually an old sales trick where you will get a phone call after phone call for days, not to mention a very full inbox. You are dealing with a direct auto transport company when getting a quote with the form above.


Ask If Your Quote is Guaranteed


Do they stand by their price? Is this a ballpark figure or is this the actual rate to ship the car? Again, if the answer is unclear or leave room for anything other than “yes”, then it may be time to move on.


Picking a Date


Have a preferred date? Time sensitive? The more it is the more imperative that you plan ahead by setting things up early. If there is a flight involved , the best practice is to leave a 48 hour for us to come get the vehicle.   Why? There are firms that “promise” same-day or guarantee a date just to get the sale. This can’t be as the industry doesn’t function in that way, although we wish it would. Unlike companies that move packages, there aren’t several trucks all over the town or city you are located in that can pick up a package if one gets delayed.  No company that ships vehicles has that. If we did for example, you would never stop seeing our trucks all over. A great example would be if there is a flat tire on the carrier. Maybe one of the vehicles we are trying to unload has a dead battery or mechanical failure so we have to make special arrangements to unload it. We’d be delayed then if the next stop was going to be yours to get car. Other companies will omit that from their sales pitch, and that just causes frustration for you. Look up our reviews. The track record is there. Customers voice themselves if they did not get proper service.  Also take a look at Auto Transport Scams so you know the facts about what happens in the industry.


More Information


There is a great Wikihow article that demonstrates how the industry works and the process of getting your quote. They mention one of the main points on getting a quote is to not go with the cheapest one.  That can’t hold any more truth as we’ve seen the results of bargain basement transporters before. Particularly with many customers left missing their flights, missing work, and much worse. This by far is one of the best sources we’ve seen providing unbiased information on the process.

Tip: After you read this, we recommend you also go to the FAQ and Auto Shipping Tips page to get even more information on shipping a car.


When Booking your Auto Transport


Make Sure Everything is Ready to Assure the Process Goes Smoothly.

1. Write down all the details about making sure you are prepared for transport.  In there note to call us two weeks in advance or at least one week in advance to get the best dates. While thinking about your dates, decide if it’s more important that your car get to its destination at a certain time or gets picked up by a certain time. We have more control over one than the other, usually not both. So for example, if you want your vehicle to arrive as close as possible to when you are at the delivery location, then your pickup needs to be for flexible when getting your auto transport quote.

2. Contact your local post office to make sure you have a forwarding address set up for any incoming mail after you leave. This will keep your mail from falling into the wrong hands.

3. Go to your local DMV when you arrive at your new residence. Most states only give you 10 days to change your address or apply for a new license in that state, so be careful not to let it slip by you.

4. Have your vehicle ready to be inspected by the driver when he arrives. The best way to do that is they have the exterior clean. Having it clean allows the driver to make sure he takes note of any marks or dings (although rare) that may have occurred. That inspection report is your claim to insurance should you need to have us file one.

5. Don’t put a bunch of items in the vehicle. You can only put up to 100 lbs in the rear of that car. (See our FAQ)