Car Shipping Calculator


What is it?

A form which provides an instant quote is usually called an auto shipping or car shipping calculator.

How Does Ours work?

Just like you enter a math problem into a regular calculator and get the answer, an instant rate calculation will be will  be provided so you can see how much it costs to ship a car. It’s simple and fast.

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Difference Between Car Shipping Calculator and a Quote Submission Form

The difference is self-explanatory as far as how quick you get your results, however what goes into your result is the difference. When calculating a price with an instant auto quote calculator it goes by an automated process that is based cents per mile and location.

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For this system to be in place it needs to have a lot of adjustments made on the calculation to assure that bookings are not made that costing the transporter money. Or better said, bookings are not made that don’t get picked up and just get canceled. It’s a very detailed recipe that considers rural vs metro areas, distance to highways, the volume of cars readily available in any given area, and how difficult it is for a carrier to get there. At the end of the day in this industry, the trucker sets the price. It’s knowing that price that assures things happen smoothly. And since we have our own driver network, the pricing is accurate.

When a truck driver plans as job, he logs into different systems they give them comparable prices for vehicles other truckers have accepted similar to the one that is being planned for pickup. During the months of the year that the weather is rough, the rate will go on the higher end of the scale to make it worth their time. If there’s a sudden drop in fuel cost, they may consider going with lower prices to fill up their truck as they are making what they want to make. You can guess by reading this information that this industry is run by owner-operators. Our instant car shipping calculator takes into account all these factors.

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The Results of Using an Instant Car Shipping Calculator


With so much to consider when accurately pricing auto transport (and there are a few more things here in there depending on where and what) an instant car shipping calculator has to be spectacular to be able to really give an accurate quote there’s not going to overcharge the you or leave you stranded and waiting.

We are in a world where everyone wants to know things instantly. If that person doesn’t see what they want, they will move on. So the moment a car shipping calculator appears they know they will get their answer immediately. So if you’re on the computer at midnight on a Sunday trying to find a rate, you’ll get it. And you can book it. The result is what you want, instant answers, instant result.

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While Manual Pricing is Prehistoric


The old way of doing things was to find the company you are interested in booking with, call the number or fill out a contact form that reveals your number, your name, email. You don’t know if it will be spammed, shared, and if your phone won’t stop ringing. Our generation hates sales calls and will avoid them.  They are not personal, they intrude and they annoy.   There are just more efficient ways of getting information, and people don’t want to be sold or hear with how great the company is.

The way this business used to work, it would require you to find the company online and then decide if you want to call or fill out your personal info to get a rate  It was a manual process where pricing would be calculated by the sales person on the other line deciding how much money they want to make aside from what it costs to actually ship a car.

Now that just about anything can be done online, it’s expected that you can find your information instantly like you would almost anything else. And the average person will continue to search for the instant answer even if it takes longer to find a place to give it to them rather than just making a phone call and having to get sold. People don’t like talking to people anymore for sales purposes. We understand that and that’s what we value your privacy and give you a chance to get all your information right from our website.

Furthermore, manual pricing can have a lot of error. If the person on the other line is inexperienced or purposely gives a lower rate to (which happens with small unregulated companies) then that causes the issues that you will commonly hear about.